miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Bauhaus.- Burning From The Inside

Album:Burning From The Inside
Release Year:1983

  1. She's In Parties
  2. Antonin Artaud
  3. Wasp
  4. King Volcano
  5. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
  6. Slice Of Life
  7. Honeymoon Croon
  8. Kingdom's Coming
  9. Burning From The Inside
  10. Hope
  11. Lagartija Nick
  12. Here's The Dub
  13. Departure
  14. The Sanity Assassin

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  1. hey, sorry to leave an off topic comment, but i saw you comment on another blog about the SPIN Radio Concert Series LP, and you mentioned you have a whole collection of them. I'm trying to compile a list of all of the records that came out in this series, and your input would be greatly appreciated.

    please email me if you get a chance. i'm happy to share the info i have so far collected.